Theoretical Bioinformatics and Machine Learning (2UE)

Course no.: 365.070
Lecturer: Thomas Unterthiner, Gundula Povysil
Mode: 2 hours, weekly
Times/locations: Fri, 11:00-12:45, S3 318
Start: Fri 8.3.2013
Registration: KUSSS


To practize the concepts and methods presented in the lecture Theoretical Bioinformatics and Machine Learning.


You will receive weekly assignments with examples that you must solve. In the next course after the submission deadline, the submissions are discussed and students are asked to present their results. Points are deducted in case that a student has insufficient knowledge of his/her own homework. For passing the course successfully, 60% of the points need to be achieved.

Instructions for electronic submission via Moodle: Take into account that you can only upload one single file. If your submission consists of more than one file, pack your files into a ZIP archive (please do not use other formats like .rar or .tgz). Use expressive file names for your submissions, e.g. ex1.R,,, ex5.doc, ex8.pdf, etc. Perl programs should be suffixed with .pl. Other accepted formats are: plain text (.txt), MS Office formats (documents, spreadsheets, presentations), OpenOffice (documents, spreadsheets, presentations) and PDF. Prior to the submission deadline, you can upload new versions of your file any time. The previously submitted file will be simply replaced.

Instructions for submission on paper: Indicate your name and matrikel number clearly on your papers (please staple them) and give them to the lecturer personally (TNF tower, room T734) or throw them into the mailbox labeled "Bioinformatik II (SS 2011)" in the lobby of the 7th floor of the TNF tower.

Supportive Material

Lecture notes

Mathematical basics