Teaching Offer - SS 2013

Master Study Bioinformatics

Theoretical Bioinformatics and Machine Learning
365.069 (4VL), Sepp Hochreiter
Theoretical Bioinformatics and Machine Learning
365.070 (2UE), Thomas Unterthiner, Gundula Povysil
Structural Bioinformatics and Gene Analysis
365.071 (2KV), Alois Regl
Introduction to R
365.072 (2KV), Ulrich Bodenhofer
Special Topics on Bioinformatics: Population genetics
365.036 (2KV), Günter Klambauer, Andreas Mayr
Master seminar
365.067 (2SE), Sepp Hochreiter, Ulrich Bodenhofer

Master Study Computer Science / Masterstudium Informatik

Masterarbeitsseminar SS
365.018 (3SE), Sepp Hochreiter, Ulrich Bodenhofer

PhD Study

Dissertantenseminar Informatik 1
365.019 (3SE), Sepp Hochreiter, Ulrich Bodenhofer

Bachelor Study Biological Chemistry

Seminar in Computational Biology
347.355 (1SE), Sepp Hochreiter, Norbert Müller
Bachelor Seminar Biological Chemistry JKU (incl. Bachelor Thesis)
347.337 (1SE), Sepp Hochreiter et. al

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